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Connect fellowship’s Trip to Home and Family Rally

As a fellowship within the adult ministries of the Salvation Army the connect fellowship was invited to attend the Anglia division home and family rally at Norwich Salvation Army citadel.
The members that attended really enjoyed their day out, meeting and greeting friends from fellowships around the division.
A varied programme included songs by the divisional home league singers and vocal solo’s by Ann Howlett-Foster (Cambridge).
Ursula Atkins (Fakenham) and Ann Ward (Dereham) shared with us their personal testimonies, but the highlight of the day for everyone was the thought provoking and inspirational message from the guest speaker Fiona Castle.


Thank you to Robert Carmichael for 
organizing the league and to everyone who had a team
Histon Hotspurs
Youth Winner:
The Original Hammers
Most Improved Senior Performance:
Chris’ Amber Army
Most Improved Youth Performance:
Tom’s Team
Team with the Strongest Foundations:
Edd’s Not So Slick Movers
Certificate of Appreciation:
Robert Carmichael 

1.Histon Hotspurs 1686
2.Come Back Kidz 1496
3.The Original Hammers 1491
4.Anne Wick 1489
5.Hannah’s Lambrettas 1457
6.Chris’ Amber Army 1429
7.Alice’s Allstars 1417
8.Dr. Who 1376
9.Buthcher’s Choice 1364
10.Tom’s Team 1361
11.Mackenzie’s Marvels 1360
12.Caleb’s Crusaders 1347
13.Watervale FC 1327
14.Histon’s Pilgrims 1317
15.Histon Fan United 1284
16.Georges United 1283
17.Alfie’s Aces 1269
18.Green Boots United 1268
19.Sharon’s Superstars 1245
20.Away with the Fairies 1238
21.Arbury Hornets 1211
22.The Likely Lads 1205
23.Adele’s Adelies 1173
24.Sam’s Lightning Strikers 1160
25.Fruit ’n’ Veg 1155
26.Diddeymen 1127
27.Sarah’s Shining Stars 1119
28.Norfolk Gals 1082
29.Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful 1073
30.Jem’s Gems 1017
31.Edd’s Not So Slick Movers 906


Monday 20th July to Friday 24th July 
9:45am to 12:30pm
Razzamatazz Robots promises to be another fantastic week of Holiday Club here in Histon. Join us on this fun-filled adventure, designed to help children unpack the plan of the Master Designer(God) from creation to re-creation. If you are currently at Infants school or Junior school then jump on for this 
celebration of life!
This year we have invited John Hardwick to join the usual suspects of Jan Watt, Tim Blake, Gill Day, Pam Lyon, Eileen Smallwood and many more as we put together another unmissable week for children in the village. 
There will be messy challenges, Bible stories, games, songs, quieter times, puppets, quizzes, crafts, and after a few years away we welcome back the Watt Family daily drama serial.
(Information from Tim Blake, St Andrew’s Children’s Worker)
For further information, please speak to Captains.  Please keep the Holiday Club in your prayers.  This is a great event that is put on by the churches in Histon and Impington making a difference in the lives of many children

News and Information: July

Heading Home for the Summer Holidays:
We wish Hyebin Kim and Lee Yee Ting a good time with their families as they head back home to Seoul, South Korea and Hong Kong respectively for the school holidays.
Church Hall Decoration
It is hoped to have the main hall and foyer internally redecorated during the summer school holidays.  The commencement date has still to be finalized.
Resurfacing Works on New Rd, Impington Lane and Burygone’s Rd:
There will be resurfacing of the above-mentioned roads on Sunday 12th July.  The work should start on Impington Lane at 10am so it should be ok for people with cars to arrive at the church on time.  However, it may be necessary to 
follow a diversion after the service to exit Impington Lane.  
Church Activities Summer Break:
All weekly activities will be having their annual summer break in late July and 
August.   Everything will resume as normal in September.  
Link: The Salvation Army Video Magazine:
The Salvation Army produces a video magazine entitled, LINK, once a quarter which gives a great insight into different aspects of its’ work and ministry.  The latest edition is now out and features reports on:
The Salvation Army’s Employment Training Centre in Hadleigh
Territorial Commander, Commissioner John Matear is interviewed about his call for The Salvation Army to develop ‘Kingdom Ambition’
The community work at Wrexham
Major Anne Read reflects on the importance of friendship
Derick Kane, Principal Euphonium player with the International Staff Band, plays ‘Jesus I come to Thee’
Please speak to Captains if you would like to borrow the DVD or video version.

125th Anniversary in 2010: Cambridge

Cambridge Citadel Salvation Army will be celebrating their 125th anniversary in 2010 and they are putting together a mailing list of people who wish to be kept informed of the events that will happen throughout that year.  If you would like to be added to that mailing list, please let Captains know and they will pass on your details to the organizers.

A Year in the life of Cambridge

Fonz Chamberlain is looking for people to be involved in a project to record  a year of in the life of Cambridge.  What he is looking for is anyone who is interested to keep a record of events, like a diary.   People could do one day a month, a whole month or just particular times of year that suit them. 

Fonz states, “All I really want  if I can, but does not have to be from everyone, is a picture and a little detail of the picture for everyday throughout 2009 so this can be kept as a record for people in years to come to look back on.  It will be brilliant if I can do this to keep a record of everyday throughout 2009 of life in Cambridge.” 

Fonz will then put updates during the year of people’s notes on his website, and mention it on his 209radio show.  This is a great project to be a part of.  If you would like to be involved please get in contact with Fonz directly or via his website. 


 Did you know the Cambridge Evening News has cancelled
 production of our monthly Histon and Impington Crier with   
 no plans to restart? So lets start our own. Then we can:

Celebrate our achievements
Advertise our events
Report on important village concerns

It’ll be under our control, publish good news, keep us in touch, with a real
local focus – local news by local people.

This is a big project and to get it off the ground we need your help. Would you like to be involved? We need everyone from the core editorial team to
someone who’ll deliver half a dozen copies in their road. It’ll be fun,
exciting, and if you’re interested but have never done anything like this
before, still get in touch. We will need help in all areas:

Editorial & Layout
Advertising and Finance
Printing and Distribution

Not to mention contact points for all aspects of community life and people who would like to bring in the stories from all corners of our community.
To volunteer or find out more please contact:

DENIS PAYNE – Impington Parish Council Chairman
Phone: 01223 235906
Newspaper Project, The Parish Office, Histon & Impington Recreation Ground, New Road, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9LU


Sunday 8th February at Norwich Citadel

 Format of the day is as follows:

 10:30am  Holiness Meeting
 12:30pm  The Big Bring Your Own Lunch (coffee/tea is provided)

 2:00pm    Seminars

 4:00pm    Celebration and Praise

Worship, Fellowship & Discovery for all …. Everyone welcome!

There will be a further Divisional Celebration Day on Sunday 5th April at Ipswich Citadel.